About Us

Started in 2019, Packends is a growing packaging solution provider for the diverse packaging needs of several different products. At Packends, we focus on delivering the best unpacking experience possible at a competitive pricing to increase the positive feedback for your brand.

Whether you ship a fragile product or non-fragile product, our team will listen attentively to your specific requirements and will thoroughly analyze the products you are shipping to advocate the best packaging solution.

At Packends, we understand your needs and we work together in order to deliver just in time.

We are dedicated to deliver the highest and best quality products to our customers at lowest possible prices. We understand the importance of fast and reliable services, and hence, we make it a priority to put our customers first and to assist them with their packaging needs.

We are obliged to offer the services all across Canada and the US. Simple and reliable packaging can help you build a powerful brand. Keep your products safe with the Packends packaging mailers. We are your trusted packaging partner and will work with you to counter all the packaging solutions, whether you ship globally or locally.